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Welcome to my world! The world of handmade jewelry made of Sterling silver and in the near future gold, set with special gemstones from the earth. Elle's Atelier was born out of love for nature, gemstones and its positive energy.


Elle's Atelier strives to connect people more with mother nature. By wearing gemstones you strengthen your inner connection with the earth and you are closer to nature. Gemstones from the earth are full of 'pure energy'. They enhance your positive qualities and have a protective effect against negativity so that you can enjoy life and all the blessings we receive from the universe with a good and free spirit.

The gemstones from our collection are of high quality and personally selected for you with love. Of course you can also have a piece of jewelry made entirely to your liking and custom. Send us a message if you want to know more about it.

Happy shopping and don't forget to follow Elle's Atelier on Instagram. 

love, melody

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